It weighs up to 12 pounds and has an average height of 11 inches. It is 24–30 cm tall. These small-sized dogs are characterized by a fluffy coat, straight muzzle, fox-like pointed ears, wedge-shaped head, deep, dark eyes and a curly, feathered tail. Life expectancy of this breed is 14-16 years. Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Characteristics. This rare dog breed was once extremely popular with Italian nobility as well as commoners. Volpino’s usual color is white, but they can also be red. However, the standard only recognizes 2 colors, white and red (some Champaign is acceptable with fault). Black or white markings on a red dog. Archeologists have found remains that match the Spitz heritage of fox like heads, curly tails, erect small ears. Northern Breed Group. The Volpino is usually white, black, champagne or red in colour. There are thought to be a few thousand Volpino alive today. Volpino Italiano is very similar to a Pomeranian, measures about 11-12 inches at withers and weighs up to 9 lb or 4 kg. Temperament/Behavior. The Volpino Italiano resembles a white or black Pomeranian, but are somewhat larger than the Pom with a height of 9 to 11 inches (25 to 30 cm) and weigh between 9 and 12 pounds. The breed belongs to Italy and is a watchdog. History - Volpino Italiano for Sale This Italian bred dog is Spitz-type and very ancient. The Volpino Italiano is a spitz-type rare breed of dog, originating in Italy. ... Red markings on a white dog. It is loyal, outgoing, playful and alert breed. The dog comes in champagne, white, fawn, honey, red and black color. Compared to a Pomeranian, the Volpino has a slightly more robust head and larger eyes. The Volpino Italiano is a part of the Spitz family of dog breeds and that means they are descendants of the ancient Nordic dogs that first came to life thousands of years ago. Ideal height at the withers is 10.5 to 12 inches for males; 9.5 to 11 inches for females. The Volpino Italiano dog’s head is wedge-shaped, and it is very fox-like. However, red Volpinos are very rare today. Both breeds have the classic Spitz features of triangular ears, … Besides its attractive appearance, the Volpino Italiano possesses a striking personality that makes it a great family pet. Disqualifying Faults of the Volpino Italiano 1 - Looking at the individual animal, one must judge if the animal in question In Italy, the Volpino Italiano is generally acknowledged to exist in 3 colors white, red, and black. He can also have champagne color motives, which is permitted, but not required. […] Height. The Spitz breeds have been around since at least 4000BC. In 1965, only five Volpino were known to exist but a project was founded to save the Volpino breed using animals used as guard dogs on farms. The Volpino Italiano is an active and playful breed by nature, though you need to be careful around children because of its small size. Volpino Italiano. Its weight is around 4–6 kg. (4.08 to 5.44 kg). Eliminating Fault: One inch or more over the allowed size. The pointy ears are triangular in shape. The Volpino Italiano is a toy breed standing 9 to 12 inches tall and weighing 9 to 14 pounds. Similar in appearance to the Pomeranian, or even to a small American Eskimo Dog, the Volpino Italiano is a plush-furred, little Spitz breed.The word Volpino translates to mean 'fox-like', and this foxy resemblance is most obvious in their sharp, narrow face, pointed ears and wedge-shaped head. Gait.